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  • Make time each day to…Create – Online Self paced


    1.5 hours

    CDA Area: To Advance Physical and Intellectual Competence

    Approvals: Ohio Approved OA-L1

    This course will help you understand what creativity is, the significance of creative expression for children’s learning and development, the various ways in which individuals, including yourself, express creativity, and the different things you can do during early childhood to nurture children’s creative expression. You will also explore your views on your own creativity and how that can affect what you do with children, families, and colleagues.

  • Managing Programs Responsive to Participants Needs – Online self-paced


    3 hours

    Approvals- Ohio Approved  OA-L1

    Learn how to use observations, documentation, and planning to support children’s development and learning and to ensure effective operations. Strategies to improve organization, planning, record keeping and communication will be addressed.

  • Understanding Self – Online Self-paced


    Participants will explore the ways they can help children develop a strong sense of self. The emotional development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers will be discussed including promoting children’s sense of self,  helping children develop self-esteem and guiding children in expressing their feelings.