At ECE Program Solutions we understand that evaluation should be collaborative, timely, honest, and singularly focused on improving program quality and impact. Our evaluators understand the realities of day to day work within the classroom and use their experiences to identify achievable areas for growth.

ECE Program Solutions designs and conducts evaluation projects with school districts, foundations, and community-based organizations. All programs are unique and require individual evaluation design. ECE Program Solutions was founded by a team of non-profit professionals and educators with a mission-driven mindset to help empower and better the lives of students and families. 


Our team specializes in both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis to guide strategic planning conversations towards quality improvement:


Quantitative Analysis connects numerical data points such as attendance, assessment scores, and demographic data to develop meaningful and usable insights to guide future practices in the classroom, identify needs of stakeholders, or guide strategic planning discussions for organizational expansion or reduction. 


Qualitative Analysis gleans insights from conversations with stakeholders through methods such as focus groups, open-ended surveys, or interviews. Information from these types of activities are distilled into major themes to guide and inform both internal and external discussions ranging from program quality to community perceptions. 


We provide these evaluative services in many capacities from child education, staff recruitment, grant management, and continuous quality improvement. We have extensive experience working with multi-partner projects (including those that use a collective impact framework.)


ECE Program Solutions carefully tailors its evaluations to goals and objectives defined by the clients (while  remaining considerate of budget restrictions. We offer a wide array of services, including:


We conduct all research and evaluation activities in compliance with applicable state and federal laws, the guidelines of the American Evaluation Association, and The Program Evaluation Standards of the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation.