Grant Services

Grants can present amazing opportunities to directly respond to local needs by closing funding and programming gaps and empowering organizations to bring their problem-solving ideas to life!

Our professional grant writing team will work closely with your organization and its stakeholders to fully understand your program objectives and needs. We take care of all the details of a grant proposal- planning the grant program design, development of the full narrative, development of the budget and submission of the proposal.

Our team will review your proposal to ensure you submit the strongest possible competitive proposal. This is beneficial to organizations looking for confirmation they are submitting a strong proposal.

We offer in-depth and customized grants research. Our research is performed in hourly blocks and can be done nationally or regionally. Organizations are presented with an in-depth report matching opportunities to their organizational goals and needs. 

Once you’ve been awarded a grant, there is an entirely new set of tasks and requirements to accomplish. Rely on the expertise of our professional grant managers to develop, implement, and monitor a project and fiscal management plan for the entire life of your grant.